[Nishijin Sumahopochi] gift of thanks to colleagues ♪

Osaka E-like

西陣スマホポーチ アリタスジャパン

Customers who contact us by phone, we received your visit to the studio.

From your ...

The gift of thanks to colleagues who were indebted to, while think of each person's face, I wanted to choose to take in hand the actual thing.

From Ali task Japan ...

Appreciation of the gift of goods, while imagining the face of every single friends, touch-friendly think of customers selected products ...,
That can then continue to the wonderful help, I really would like to thank.


Use the new fabric of the ant task Japan of Sumahopochi (Sumahokesu) Kyoto Nishijin products Android, it offers a size that can correspond to either iPhone.
Banepochi is excellent one that you can open with one hand. The included chain is safe if you stick to, such as possession of the bag.
Nishijin smartphone pouch from here

Sister site, ARI Tasu JAPAN made-to-order specialty site We accept also orders for made-to-order of "One was standing in the world" at.
Loved ones memories of the band and kimono remake of, please feel free to contact us!