Also ♪ to the band tote bag] casual kimono style

Aichi W like

Obi Tote Bag

It is the customer of the purchased in the online shop

From your ...

Tea ceremony, because the flower arrangement is a hobby, but was just good and I think buy lesson in kimono,
A bag that suits to casual dress is a joy doubled (^ _ ^) v.

From Ali task Japan ...

Thank you glad Lumpur!
Ali task Japan of the bag or pouch is perfect for casual style ♪
Atmosphere and tried actually have, such as the size is seen ★ ant task Japan style list from here ★

Clipping data

Obi bag, ultra-lightweight large capacity, is the ease of use excellent!
Nishijin product band tote bag using a new cloth, stocks the size of the (large) (medium)!
Commuting, school, easy-to-use band tote bag certainly please see to go out ♪
★ Kyoto Nishijin products new cloth series band tote bag (middle) from here ★


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