[Obi tote bag wrapping also impressed with nice ♪

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Customers who purchased in the online shop.

From your ...

I was impressed by the stylish wrapping bag After opening the box! When looking through the middle while pounding, again impressed with the tote bag!
Thank you very much! !

From Ali task Japan ...

After the commodity arriving, I received an email. Very pleased become e-mail, thank you!

Clipping data

Obi bag, ultra-lightweight large capacity, is the ease of use excellent!
Nishijin product band tote bag using a new cloth, stocks the size of the (large) (medium)!
Commuting, school, easy-to-use band tote bag certainly please see to go out ♪
Gift wrapping are also available.
★ Kyoto Nishijin products new cloth series band tote bag (large) from here ★


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