Perfect size ♪ to [band] mini pouch tobacco case

Hyogo Prefecture O Mr

We received your purchase at the ant task Japan of events.

From your ...

I love the color! I did looking for ...! Perfect on the porch for a cigarette!

Clipping data

Japanese pattern with a deep antique band unique is, it exudes a nostalgic atmosphere.
Bulge there Nikkan of the band is, to protect gently what was housed.
Key, coins, cards, stylish pouch perfect size to such seal. Perfect and the tobacco case, I was taught to you (laughs).
When the chain strap I am attached to, such as possession of the bag, is useful to take out without fear of dropping.
Also aligned pattern available at the unisex.

Made from antique band of a single, one was standing in the world original ★ belt pouch from here ★


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