[Obi Sumahopochi] is the second purchase of your favorite!

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Since Sumahopochi bought previously Aritasu's has deteriorated, but I saw a lot site looking for a new one was still favorite taste of Mr. Aritasu. It is a 2-th purchase.
It can be seen shimmering in the commuter train.
I Aritasu's name has advertised hanging on the arm so as to be directed to the outside ~ (^^) v


Use the new fabric of the ant task Japan of Sumahopochi (Sumahokesu) Kyoto Nishijin products Android, it offers a size that can correspond to either iPhone.
Banepochi is excellent one that you can open with one hand. The included chain is safe if you stick to, such as possession of the bag.
Nishijin smartphone pouch from here

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