[Band swing porch] ♪ that was me willing to gift friends

Osaka Y-like

At the event, we were purchasing and for the gift of your friends.

From your ...

♪ that gave me the joy of the message from the gift Friends
"It gore is there a key entering a lot, easy to open because even with chains, without any type collapse even if using, to not dirty at all, easy to use and only if you are firmly! "

Clipping data

Antique band good unique quality of, difficult shapeless also dirt month well-thumbed is difficult.
You can come in handy in the souvenir towards the gifts and overseas customers to loved ones and so on.
When the chain strap I am attached to, such as possession of a bag, convenient to take out without fear of dropping.
It is just the right size to put the keys and coins.
Also aligned pattern available at the unisex.

Made from antique band of one, a limited number of original ★ band swing porch from here ★


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