To present to [band swing porch host mother ♪

Hyogo Prefecture O-like

Obi remake porch

From your ...

I was looking for a gift for the mother of the homestay ahead. And has come out the taste of the sum plum pattern goes cute, we chose here.

From ant task Japan

High school daughter recommendation has asked to buy a souvenir to the host family at the time to be studying in the United States.
Pattern of the Japanese tradition, the Japanese pattern small is recommended for souvenir overseas ♪

Clipping data

A small pouch, gone missing in the bag with a large bag and things went a lot,
Find the but is very, and I am attached to the possession of the chain strap, convenient to take out.
It is just the right size to put the keys and coins.
Made from antique band of one, a limited number of original ★ band swing porch from here ★


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