[Obi flat pouch] love at first sight in a beautiful shade and beautiful pattern ♪

Osaka M-like

Q1 opportunity of purchase?

Mini pouch that had lined up in the event space which was also a love at first sight beautiful ♪

How did you hear about the Q2 shop?

Aritasu's band bag of knew because friends had.

Q3 What is to be decided, or was chosen this product?

Color and pattern is very beautiful, and try to take in hand, I decided because sewing was very polite!

Q4 try actually used?

When you have a large bag, I use the storage of small items.
Small is not lost, it is very convenient because in the bag is clean.
In addition, the tension goes up every time I see the porch, is Happy item ♪

Clipping data

A small pouch, gone missing in the bag with a large bag and things went a lot,
Find the but is very, and I am attached to the possession of the chain strap, convenient to take out.
It is just the right size to put the keys and coins.
Made from antique band of one, a limited number of original ★ band swing porch from here ★


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