[Band] mini pouch of palm-sized mini pouch!

Hyogo Prefecture K like / Okayama Prefecture H-like

Hyogo Prefecture K like

"To the man who helped me, was looking for a gift that can be passed feel free to contact. I chose there is a feeling of luxury to the feel of the sum. "
And the other party like that the gift was very pleased, it pleases the message.

Okayama Prefecture H-like

"I was looking for a mini pouch to enter the contact case and eye drops.
Hesitated has a higher price, but many times the image image is also looking well satisfied! "

Clipping data

A small pouch, gone missing in the bag with a large bag and things went a lot,
Find the but is very, and I am attached to the possession of the chain strap, convenient to take out.
It is just the right size to put the keys and coins.
The thickness of the band is also becomes a cushion, is also safe for storage of accessories and memory card.
Made from antique band of one, a limited number of original ★ band swing porch from here ★


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