【Japanese Obi remake smart-phone pouch】

Osaka Mr.A

Q1 Why did you think to the order?

Looking for a pouch for the smartphone, we arrive at the page of the production example of Aritasu.

Q2 Which did you hear about our shop?

Notch search of the net

Let me suggest a reason that has been requested by our Q3 from among the many obi kimono remake made-to-order shop.

Addicted to the sum.
If much trouble to get, I thought I want order goods made of band.

Q4 What is the actual finished products How?

Thank you very much. Since the matches well with the purse of Inden We're pleased.

Clipping data

A-like men, production example 9 Obi Smart-phone pouch kindly liked.
I think that the suggestions of the customers only one-of-a-kind products, we will propose the handle of another band by e-mail.
Production example 9 Sumaho band pouch is here (sister site)


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