OBI Tote bag & Slanted Clutch

OBI Extra Large Shoulder Tote Bag A3|Japanese Kimono Obi Remake[1340]the Japanese Chin(Dog)


¥49,000(Inc. Tax)

size Height 35 × Width 48.5 × Thickness 16 cm / H 13.78 × W 19.09 × T 6.30 inch
weight 296g / 10.44oz
handle Wide 1.5 × Length 51 × Height 22 cm / W 0.59 × L 20.08 × H 8.66 inch

 A large, strong, the one and only original tote bag!!
 A large capacity bag, which is made from a vintage obi material that is
woven onto a nylon body to make it both strong and light.

~ Japanese Vintage Kimono Obi remake!Ony One Original handmade tote bag ~

It is woven from a custom ordered Oshima pattern, from vintage obis that is based on the ichimatsu (checkered) pattern of gold, red and black, which is interwoven with a pattern of the very first Japanese Chin (Japanese Spaniel).

Hand sewn and embroidered in red cotton to give the edges a clearly piped seam.It has a removable red cotton plate that is also embroidered by hand.
The base of the outside pocket is 1.5 cm(0.59in).
There are 2 inside pockets. A large pocket made of nylon and a smaller pocket that is embroidered in red cotton.
It has a 51 cm handle that enables you to put it on your shoulder and the solid base plate ensures that it retains its shape.

The patterned part of the bag is silk that has been embroidered by hand.
All other material is band new.
The main body is made from a strong, light nylon material.
With no lining, it has an acrylic handle made with real leather parts.
And a magnetic hook is put on the fading.

What is the Japanese Chin?
The first record of a Japanese Chin (also known as the Japanese Spaniel) is found in literature from the Nara era (8th Century). It was the oldest record of the Chin described during this time when a dog was sent from Korea to the Japanese Imperial court.
The Japanese Chin were influenced by these dogs that were sent by this envoy to the Tang Dynasty. It was bred using this small dog with another breed brought over from Ryukyu (Okinawa) during the 9th century and it then evolved to become more of the typical Japanese dog species that are in existence today.
During the reign of the 5th General (shogun) Tsunayoshi Tokugawa (1680- 1709) the Chin was bred as a room dog in the Edo castle. It was loved by the Shogun’s concubines and it became popular to have a Japanese Chin amongst the Daimyos (Lords).
Over time it went from becoming a pet dog to the Imperial family, the Daimyos and the merchants of the time, it became a status symbol and eventually the Japanese Chin reached the working class people.
In the late 19th century, the Japanese Chin was given the name the "Japanese Spaniel" by the American Kennel Club. However, to avoid confusion, as its lineage does not relate to the spaniel breed, the name was subsequently changed to the Japanese Chin.

♡ Sewing process ♡

Band of this vintage OBI was made by a made-to-order
So It is an article of rare beauty

I was sewing a gusset pocket on top of the nylon material thick

Surface, sew the OBI on top of the nylon material thick first.
After that, It was sewing the side back to back.

In order to hide the seam allowance, multiply the stitch from the back side

Following mounting the handle

The inside pocket is two. Nylon material & cotton broadcloth
Seam allowance was subjected to treatment that is completely hidden

Bottom of the bag was wrapped in sewing cotton broadcloth

The removable bottom plate, I was sewing wrapped in cotton broadcloth

Finally, after the bag went up sewing, I was fitted with a magnet hook.

OBI Tote bag & Slanted Clutch

OBI Extra Large Shoulder Tote Bag A3|Japanese Kimono Obi Remake[1340]the Japanese Chin(Dog)


¥49,000(Inc. Tax)


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