OBI Shoulder Clutch

Obi Clutch Party Bag | Chain handle【AR12】obi remake Handmade - Pink type Orange


¥31,000(Inc. Tax)

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size Height 13× Width 29× Thickness 8cm/ H 5.118 × W 11.417 × T 3.15 inch
weight 146g / 5.15oz
handle Chain length 50㎝ / 19.685 inch(one side with a swivel strap)

 A limited number of original handbag in the world made of an antique Kimono's obi
 and yet cute and casual!!

 Most suitable for wedding banquet and buffet party!!
 Remarkable gorgeous chain bag is the original by ARI+(ARITUS)!!

 The shoulder chain bag is hands-free and very convenient.

~ Japanese traditional kimono obi remake! Handmade shoulder clutch bag ~

 Incredible storage bag as to put in wallet, smartphone, cosmetics, etc!!

・The body is made of a luxurious antique obi.

・All other materials are brand new.

・The lining is made of purple cotton broadcloth which has a pocket in red color.

・The chain on the handle is removable for extra convenience.
  There are swivel straps, attached at both ends which is removable.

・The brand name plate of ARI + JAPAN (ARITUS) is attached with pink embroidery thread in four corners.


・Face:antique Obi - silk 100%

・Lining:cotton 100%

zipper a stiff (No.5) by YKK
pocket Inside pocket:1
Made in Japan (handmade)

☆ Commitment to the sewing ☆
In order to upgrade the quality, we are committed to handmade sewing.
  ●All products are sewed with thick yarn to stitch denim (20s).
  ●All thread ends are made knots in the back.
  ●The lining is carefully stitched with hem stitch followed by back stitch to protect
   from the lining to be caught in fastener.

Additional information: What is the origin of the "Furisode" (long-sleeved kimono)?
A Furisode is a long-sleeved kimono and is the most striking type of formal Japanese traditional dress that can be worn at festivals and other formal scenes of unmarried women. The Furisode is a kimono that has the characteristics of particularly long sleeves.
Currently in Japan, a Furisode is usually worn by a 20 year old at her "coming of age" ceremony together with at the banquet of their wedding ceremony.
It was not until the Edo era (1586 ? 1911) that this type of kimono first appeared. During the first half of the Edo era, the sleeves of the formal Japanese dresses that women wore became gradually longer. During the Genroku era (1688 ? 1703) the length of the sleeve was around 55 to 95cm long, but by the end of the Edo era (until 1867) the sleeves grew in length to the region of 95 to 122cm. Then since the Meiji era (1852 to present), the Furisode has evolved to be become a gorgeous formal Japanese dress for unmarried women.

OBI Shoulder Clutch

Obi Clutch Party Bag | Chain handle【AR12】obi remake Handmade - Pink type Orange


¥31,000(Inc. Tax)

  • Quantity

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